Monday, December 2, 2019

An impossible task

I need to make a list.
 Should be simple, no?
 I make grocery lists every week. I list to-dos on my calendar. I list the things I'm thankful for on a regular basis.
 I make lists of all my medications and the doctor visits I schedule.
 Easy then, right?
 Not this list.
 This year, my family has decided to stop buying for the sake of buying and do a Pollyanna, or for those unfamiliar with the term, a Secret Santa.
 We drew names at the Thanksgiving celebration. 
 Now Howard and I have to provide lists of what we'd like so whoever drew us knows what to look for.
 We like a lot of things we'll never use or simply admire for the sake of admiring them. 
 Like air fryers, universal chargers, slow cookers and air purifiers.
 But we don't want anyone buying any of those things for us.
We don't need anything. 
We have the home we love, all the bells and whistles we want in our cars and gadgets for smart tv's we don't even know how to work.
We don't really have hobbies aside from tv, gambling, reading and listening to music.
We don't even buy clothes for each other, let alone trusting others to get it right.
But we have to make lists.
Oh, and did I mention we can't ask for gift cards?
Nope, it's gotta be a thing... an actual gift of some kind.
So we are doing the only thing we really do well when it comes to requests like this.
We're procrastinating.
After all, it's only the 2nd of December and we have plenty of time.
Anyway, I've already bought my gift for the person I drew.
Can I be done?


At December 2, 2019 at 5:30 PM , Blogger Avis said...

Ask for tickets to some event or two
Ask for family to join you at some event
Ask for family to come over for pot luck and play a game together


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