Thursday, May 7, 2015

Keeping my finger on it

Two years ago, the index finger on my right hand started snapping when I tried to straighten it.
Trigger finger, said the doctor.
Just a quick shot of cortisone and the issue will be resolved.
I'm allergic to corticosteroids.
So, surgery was required.
A year ago, the middle finger on the same hand exhibited the same characteristics.
A second surgery.
Now, it's the third finger of my left hand AND the thumb on the right.
Stop already!
Surgery on the left hand will be Monday, the 11th. The doc wants to do the thumb just two weeks later.
I am reluctant, since there has been no difficulty bending the thumb, just discomfort. So I will wait until it becomes a necessity.
Then, another surgery.
Where will it end? I still have six fingers left that can develop the triggering.
AND, says the doc, this disorder can recur, even after surgery.
He's just full of happy news.
Thankfully, I have a pretty high pain tolerance. What I don't have is a high patience tolerance.
I find attempting to do essential tasks without the full use of both hands distinctly difficult.
I want the problem fixed...NOW.
I suppose that is characteristic of most of us...the inability to wait for a desired result, especially when the result allows us to fully function.
What causes this disorder?
No explanation. Doc says I am "prone" to trigger finger(s).
Compared to other things I could be "prone" to, I suppose trigger finger isn't all that bad.
So think of me Monday and then whenever this happens again.
I'm not looking forward to any of it.
But oh what the heck... I'm an old hand at it by now.